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Top Features

Resumable Uploads

Uploading on a slow or unreliable internet connection? Large video files? We support Tus resumable uploads for the best uploading experience. No upload progress is lost if it gets interrupted for any reason.

Dual Protocol Support

OneLoveIPFS uploader pins videos to IPFS and Skynet, which are the best decentralized file sharing protocols available. Your videos are available on multiple decentralized networks for the best file availability possible.

0% Beneficiaries

Neither OneLoveIPFS nor DTube collects any additional post beneficiaries when uploading through OneLoveIPFS uploader as your usage is billed by disk utilization. You can set your own beneficiaries if you like.

Full Quality Videos

All files uploaded to our servers get added directly to IPFS and Skynet without any additional processing. Your viewers enjoy the best quality video, which is what you originally uploaded. 4K video? Sure, we can take that.

Article Body Image Uploads

Need some images for your Steem/Hive article body of your corresponding video? You can upload them right in our interface. Unlike other frontends, uploaded images goes straight to IPFS, not centralized image servers.

7 Tags Support

Need to use more than one tag that is allowed on DTube upload page? You can use up to 7 tags in our interface, where the first tag will be the first curated tag for your Avalon post.

Wrong thumbnail?

thumbnail swap tool

With our thumbnail swap tool, you can replace the thumbnail of your existing DTube video, regardless of where the video was uploaded from, as long as it is an IPFS, BTFS or Skynet upload. The new thumbnail will be at full quality, so people that come across your videos see the finest detail of it, just like any new uploads made on our uploader.

This tool will not work for 3rd party upload sources.

It's now possible that you can upload your video...and they're playable every time you click on the video. - @mvd


OneLoveIPFS uploader is open source under GPLv3 license. All releases are announced on Steem and Hive blockchains, the same places where your videos are posted on.

Desktop App

OneLoveIPFS uploader is also shipped as a desktop app. Want to host the videos yourself without hassle? Get the full app. Don't feel like doing the self-hosting work yourself? Sign up and install the remote release.

Available on Windows, macOS and Linux.